Monday, June 28, 2010

Russell Bishop writes about criticism-vs-excessive criticism

Russel Bishop: Are You Criticizing, Evaluating, or Judging?

My favorite ideas: "One of my mentors puts it this way: a negative situation is already sufficiently negative without having you add negativity to it."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have updated my "All About Me" section

Check to the right. Notice my Facebook name, "Murry Vincent"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Altering my "About Me" section. But saving what I wrote

Just to keep a record. This is the former "About Me" section. Currently, that section (to the right) is blank.

For the archives, the previous About Me:

I am a young man who is the son of toxic parents. I am almost 30, and my mother wouldn't allow me to date or find my own way in life. Things have since calmed down, but she hasn't changed that much. Possibly her mind is focused elsewhere and I haven't mentioned my girlfriend since Christmas (we broke up in March, but not to please mom). Still I am grateful things have moved forward, my dad's been very good to me in recent years (except for some incidents this summer), I've moved out of their house, and I'm looking towards to future. Part of that future means using my intellect and position as a social psychology researcher to expose abuse and authority for those daughters and sons who are still fighting. And to challenge a society that seems to tolerate so much from parents that they wouldn't from other authority figures. I am here to process my thoughts and offer support to those who comment. I am called "legacy5942" on the blog "The Experience Project", where I have visited the section, "I am a child abuse survivor".

Interesting thinker talks about bullying and toxic parents

His name is Ben Leichtling. Here are some of his works:

About Ben

Stop Toxic Parents and Grandparents: Shine a Light

Golden Rule does not stop real-world bullies

Also, the last link on the "golden rule" theory makes reference to a psychologist who writes for Psychology Today. His name is Izzy Kalman, and Ben criticizes Izzy's assumptions about the golden rule being a solution for bullying. Read about Izzy Kalman, and see some of his works on Psychology Today's site, under his own blog: A Psychological Solution to Bullying, where he writes works criticizing the use of anti-bullying laws. Such as this one.