Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interesting thinker talks about bullying and toxic parents

His name is Ben Leichtling. Here are some of his works:

About Ben

Stop Toxic Parents and Grandparents: Shine a Light

Golden Rule does not stop real-world bullies

Also, the last link on the "golden rule" theory makes reference to a psychologist who writes for Psychology Today. His name is Izzy Kalman, and Ben criticizes Izzy's assumptions about the golden rule being a solution for bullying. Read about Izzy Kalman, and see some of his works on Psychology Today's site, under his own blog: A Psychological Solution to Bullying, where he writes works criticizing the use of anti-bullying laws. Such as this one.

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  1. My view of the world clashes a bit with Izzy Kalman's.