Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pam's House Blend has post on Arnie and Rob's violent dialogue

Autumn Sandeen writes, "Nonviolence In Response to the Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning Tirades On TransYouth"

Autumn Sandeen is a transgender person and a primary journalist for the murder trial for victim Angie Zapata. Angie was a trans-woman who was beaten to death by a man she dated who found out she used to be a man. He was charged with both first-degree murder AND a bias-motivated crime (another word for hate crime). He is now serving life without parole.

Justice was done for Angie, but we need to keep an eye on those whose words may incite others to committ violence, especially violence of parents against their own children.

I had written an email yesterday to the the Vice President and General Manager John Geary of the radio station, KRXQ-FM.

You can write him, or Arnie & Rob, or anyone else you can find - please tell me!

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